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Keychain keyfob for door phone


Open doors just by presenting your key fob!

Every day we open and close a door. Every day we spend time looking for our keys, looking for the lock, and turning the key.
Intercam offers to simplify your work. Just present your Key fob to open the door in a split second.

  • Description
  • FAQ
  • What is a key fob / key tag ?

    A passive wireless electronic device that usually uses RFID technology to control access to buildings, containers, computers, etc. by being placed near a detector.

    What are the lock problems?

    The time required to open or close a door

    Every day you have at least one door to open or close for reasons of safety, comfort, or design. We repeat the same actions over and over again every day. Each opening or closing takes seconds of your time and your life. Are there no other options?

    Cluttered hands

    You regularly have your hands full of boxes or bags for your shopping, deliveries, or even removals. You must know how difficult it is to open a door. You have to wedge your things against the wall or put them down, then pick them up after finding your keys, and opening the door.

    Identification of the incoming person

    There is nothing very complex about a lock. It is a mechanical system, operating with one or more specific keys. So you have very few or no identification options at all. The user could have copied the key or loaned or stolen it from someone.

    Why do you need a key fob system?

    Opening a door with an RFID key fob is really fast

    You present the RFID key fob in front of the reader, up to 10 cm away, and the door trigger unlocks in a fraction of a second. If the door is motorized, you just have to wait for it to open to pass. Closing is automatic.

    You don't need to get the key fob out of your pocket

    The RFID key fob can be in a pocket, on the wrist, or in the hand. As long as it approaches sufficiently close to the door telephone, the triggering will be automatic.

    Each RFID key fob user is identified

    Each time you open the door, the system identifies you to verify if you are authorized to enter. Every check and every result is automatically recorded in a log to check who entered or left what door, at what time, and on what day.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the key fob

    Do you offer many colors?

    Yes, on special orders we offer the color of your choice. It might take few weeks to receive.

    What happens if somebody stole it from me?

    We invite you to report the event as soon as possible to your property administrator so he can inactivate your key fob remotely and immediately.

    How many key fobs do I need?

    Depending on where you go, but you should need only one per property. The same could work on other properties as well as far as you register them.