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How to secure a property with a smart door phone

How to secure a property with a smart door phone

Smart door is evaluated as an innovative product connecting IoT (Internet of Things) in the upcoming 4th industrial revolution and the untact era leading to post corona. Akuvox, which is a global leading provider of Smart Intercom products and solutions, allows homeowners to enjoy both home automation services and intercom features from their Control4 touch panels and their smartphones. 

Based on Akuvox’s long experience, they succeeded in developing an innovative total door opening solution product that secured both security and stability as well as consumer convenience.

Smart doors that provide differentiated services are equipped with smart access solution technology, and the door automatically opens and closes by recognizing the user without touching the user. In addition, it has the convenience of checking the door status and usage history with a smartphone app. The security and stability, which are the most important functions of the door, are also excellent.

A most up to date version of Akuvox Smart Cloud Intercom has been released and it features a stack of new management portal and the SmartPlus App as follows:

For Akuvox Cloud Management Portal

  1. The Launch of Community Manager Portal
  2. The Launch of Property Management Portal
  3. Landline as An Answering Unit
  4. Screenshots by Door Phone Upon Visitors’ Calling

For SmartPlus App for Community Residents

  1. UI Optimization
  2. Direct Door Unlocking
  3. Door Unlocking via Bluetooth

Instead of opening doors during calls with visitors, residents can choose to unlock any door connected to a door phone without the need of an incoming call. SmartPlus users can present their smart phones to Akuvox’s Bluetooth-enabled R29 smart door phone to get quick door entry. 

One of Akuvox’s Smart Intercom door phone, E16 also has COVID-19 Features. It helps businesses comply with governments’ COVID-19 guidelines while reducing manpower resources. These include non-contact forehead temperatures detection, non-contact wrist temperature detection and non-contact face mask detection. 

The smart home face recognition door phone can be used in apartments, hotels, resorts, etc. by combining the door phone function with the function of the existing face recognition reader.